Soils Evaluation Study

Thank you for supporting our evaluation study on multimedia tools for agricultural and environmental science students. Please direct your students to the survey link(s) below (Fall 2018: "Sorption" and/or "Cation Exchange").

Participants will be shown a consent form and asked to enter their name if they wish to participate. They complete a brief survey about their academic experience and a pre-test knowledge exam. After viewing the animated videos, they will complete a brief survey about the animated videos followed by the post-test knowledge exam. Student time commitment is 25 to 35 minutes. We recommend scheduling 30 to 40 minutes or one class period for the overall process.

If completing both the Sorption and Cation Exchange studies, we recommend setting aside 1 hour and 15 minutes of class time to administer the studies.

Cation Exchange Survey

Sorption Surveys

Additional Evaluation Surveys